Sep 16

Ultraspeed Cash Game – Abe “The Snake” Mosseri vs. ZZ

Cash Game which has never been here before. The absolutely unique format was first played between Abe "The Snake" Mosseri and Mochy. The only cash game streamed and played with the clock. The rules of the first challenge were: 12 seconds per move; any additional second used means a 1.5 % penalty of the point. 
Sep 16

Backgammon World Championship 2022

Backgammon World Championship is, for most players, the most prestigious tournament with the title everyone dreams of. First Backgammon World Championship was held in Monte Carlo in 1967. This year 53rd World Championship has been held in the Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo.
May 2

UBC – Ultimate Backgammon Championship

The competition is held every year. There is a contender tournament, where any player who can prove the ability by averaging below 4.5 can enter the tournament. Throughout the tournament, you get points for the match win and the PR (Outplaying your opponent). It is a skill-based tournament;