3rd Skopje Open – North Macedonia (5000€ added)

Sunday 08.05.2022 20:00

All categories know their winners!
The champion of the 3rd Skopje Open is Kimon Papachristopoulos from Germany. The runner-up is Hristo Ainovski from Macedonia! Congratulations to both!

The winner of the Doubles are Konrad Froschl & Jorgen Granstedt. Finalists: Kristijan Čuljat & Srecko Raic.

The winner of the Superjackpot is Mislav Kovacic. The runner-up is Vlatko Mitovski.

Congratulations to all the winners. Next year, there will be even a bigger tournament as it will be happening together with World Team Championship. See you all there!

Saturday 07.05.2022 19:00

The undefeated finalist is Kimon Papachristopoulos from Germany. 2nd chance is ongoing, In the final of doubles there Jorgen Granstedt & Konrad Froschl against Kristijan Čuljat & Srecko Raic.

Superjackpot has started as well with 16 players.

Friday 06.05.2022 23:30

We know our undefeated finalists! Both from Germany, extremely strong players!

Kimon Papachristopoulos vs. Jan Jacobowitz

The undefeated final is going to be played on Saturday at 13:00. Meanwhile, the doubles tournament started with 32 teams. The Superjackpot with a buy-in of 500€ starts on Saturday evening.

06.05.2022 16:00 – Last 8 Undefeated:

Kimon Papa vs: Manesiotis P.

Pasialis G. vs. Peycheva M.

Peychev R. vs. Haraklias S.

Orlowski J. vs. Jacobowitz J.

Last 16 Undefeated:

Kimon Papa vs. Platon Tserliakgos

Vigl M. vs. Manesiotis P.

Pasialis G. vs. Amirov S.

Peycheva M. vs. Sabri B.

Mudu R. vs. Peychev R.

Culhaci B. vs. Haraklias S.

Orlowski J. vs. Manaila M.

Jakobowitz J. vs. Janakievski V.

06.05.2022 13:00

The second chance and undefeated bracket continues. The prizes look amazing😍

05.05.2022 20:30

The draw is ready. In the Championship division there is 59 participants.

04.05.2022 19:30

Players are arriving. The side event room is ready!

Welcome to the Live BLOG! This is a unique thing in backgammon, giving you the absolute hottest news from the backgammon tournament. My name is Zdenek “ZZ” Zizka, and I will be posting live updates, exciting things, streaming matches, and giving you brackets from the live tournament in North Macedonia. The event is being held in the 5* Limak Skopje Luxury hotel. The tournament starts on Thursday, 5. 5. 2022. You can expect the first brackets in this blog with live updates. You can watch the streaming on Backgammon Coaching´s YouTube channel. You can find all the information about the tournament & the schedule:

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